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ERROR: Business Account has been Locked

You might get the error Business Account has been Locked when trying to send messages. This error can be fixed easily by deregistering and then re-registering the phone number.

Note that re-registering phone number process is same as applying display name to your account as both of these actions perform action API call in the backend.

Go to the WhatsApp Settings > Tools page on WANotifier.
In the right side Advanced Settings, click on Deregister to deregister your phone number.
Now go to WhatsApp Manager > Phone Numbers and click on the Settings icon in the last column next to your phone number:

On the next page that opens, click on the Two-step verification tab.
On this tab, click Enable and setup a PIN for 2-step verification (if not already done) by following the instructions on the screen. If you do not see the Enable button, log out of your Facebook account and login again and come back to this page.
After this is done, go back to the WhatsApp Settings > Tools page on WANotifier and click on the Register button.
In the popup that opens, enter the PIN you setup earlier and click on Register.

That’s it. That’ll re-register your phone number and the issue should get resolved after this. Try sending a test notification again to see you're able to send the messages.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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