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ERROR: Your business has been disabled

Is your phone number Status showing BANNED and you're seeing Your business has been disabled message in your WhatsApp Manager? If yes, don't worry, we'll help you to fix this issue!

Your business has been disabled

If you're getting this error, it means that your WhatsApp Business account has been disabled (not the Meta Business account) because you violated either their commerce policy or business policy.

Sometimes, we've found that the WhatsApp business account gets disabled for no reason at all. This might be due to some glitch/bug in Meta's onboarding system or some incorrect flagging by their backend AI system.

In case your account is brand new, you did not send any bulk messages, but still your account got disabled, note that it's common and can be fixed.

How to fix this and get your business enabled?

1. Resolve the issue mentioned in their notice

The first step is to know why they disabled your account and resolve the issue mentioned in the notice by the Meta team.

For that, open WhatsApp Manager. On the top where it shows the Your business has been disabled error, click on See details in Business support home link. It'll take you to the account review page which will look like the following:

Under the Disabled status, you'll find the reason why they disabled your account. The different types of notices that you might get:

Website - If the notice is related to your website, make sure you enter correct website that is currently live. Do not enter random URLs in the website fields.
SPAM - If the notice is related to SPAM, you might have used the platform to send messages that were reported by a large number of receivers as SPAM. Note that if this is what you see, in most cases you won't be able to get your account restored.
Commerce Policy Violation - If the notice is related to violating Commerce Policy, in most cases we've seen that it's associated with your business being in a category that is against their policies.
Business Policy Violation - If the notice is related to violating Business Policy, in some cases that's related to violating one of their policies, but in most cases we've found that the account gets flagged incorrectly by their system for no valid reason.

Whatever the issue might be, make sure to fix that before proceeding further. Add as much details about your business on the Meta portal as possible.

2. Request review

After resolving the issue reported by Meta, the next step is to submit request to them for the review of your account.

From the account review page (see the screenshot in previous step), click on Request review button from the right hand side section. In the popup that comes fill in the following text and submit for review:

Hello, I've tried to fix all the issues I could which might have led to the disabling of my account. I request you to please review my WhatsApp Business account now and activate it at the earliest. Thank you.

They usually review the request within 6 hours and enable the account if no additional details are required.

In case they do not enable the account, please check everything once again to make sure you've not missed updating any details. Then re-submit the request again for their review.

Some of our users have reported that they had to request review 3 - 5 times before their account got enabled again.

3. Last Option: Contact their direct support

Kindly wait for Meta to review your request before proceeding to this step. If your account gets enabled during Request review step shown above, you'll not need to do this step.

But if they're not approving your account, even after multiple requests, the last option for you is to contact their support directly.

Go to WhatsApp direct support and select your account.
Click on Ask a Question button.
From the popup, select Topic as Dev: Account & WABA.
Enter the title as Your business has been disabled and write a brief description about the issue.
In the Request Type select Appeal Business Ban Decision.
Enter your WhatsApp Account ID & Phone Number.
Submit the form.

After submitting, please wait for around 6 hours to hear back from them. They'll either enable your business or tell you the next steps on how to fix the issue.

If the above mentioned steps do not work, as an alternate approach, you can setup a new number.

Delete the phone number from the WhatsApp Manager.
Then from WhatsApp Business Accounts page, delete your WhatsApp business account.
Start afresh by following our step-by-step setup guide to setup new phone number.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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