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Test Phone Number Limitations

When you setup WhatsApp Cloud API on the MetaForDevelopers portal, WhatsApp provides you a test phone number that you can use temporarily to test their APIs.

You can use this test phone number and it’s API credentials with WANotifier as well to test the APIs with our tool.

Now using the test credentials can be good to do some basic testing, but that has some limitations as shown below:

You can only send messages to test recipient phone numbers that you add on the Meta portal.
You can not send messages to your customers using a test phone number.
Your customers can not send messages to your test phone number.
The message templates you create with test phone number can not be used later when you setup your own phone number.

We always recommend setting up your own phone number with WhatsApp Cloud API and integrating that with WANotifier to send and receive messages without limitations.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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