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What are Contact Lists, Tags and Custom Attributes?

Contacts come with various properties that you can use to manage and organize them better like lists, tags and attributes. We've explained these properties briefly here:

Contact Lists

These are simple groups where you can organize your contacts for better management of contacts. Each Contact List can have multiple contacts. For example you can have lists like Existing Customers, Event Attendees, Facebook Leads etc.

In WANotifier, you use these Contact Lists to send bulk marketing messages.

Contact Tags

These are like labels attached to a contact for the purpose of identification or grouping the contact. For example, you can tag a contact as "prospect" and then another contact can be "prospect", "hot lead", "paid user" and so on.

Custom Attributes

These are extra meta data for a contact. You can store additional details about the contacts like city, state, date_of_birth, website_url, pan_number and so on. Basically any additional information that you want to store in the contacts can be stored in Attributes.

Updated on: 21/01/2024

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