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What are Message Templates?

WhatsApp message templates are like email templates (but for WhatsApp) that you can create and send to multiple contacts and reuse as many times as you want.

It’s the first message you can send to a contact using WhatsApp Cloud API to start a conversation.

When you create a message template, it is sent to WhatsApp for approval and you can start sending it only after approval. This approval process is enforced by them to maintain high-quality content and avoid spam.

It usually takes less than 30 min in most cases to get your templates approved as the process is automated. But in some cases when you have a media in the templates like an image, video or document it might up to 48 hours to get the template approved.

Also it’s important to note that WhatsApp takes spamming seriously so all your contacts must be opted-in to receive the message templates you send to them.

You can also add variables in message templates similar to how you can add merge tags in email templates. The only difference in case of message templates is that you need to add variables like {{ 1 }}, {{ 2 }}, {{ 3 }} and so on. These variables are like placeholders that you can replace with actual data when sending Notification to your users.

Note that you can only start a conversation with your end user by first sending a message template and can not send any other message to start the chat. Sending a message template is also known as Business Initiated conversation and is charged by WhatsApp as per their pricing tiers.

After a user replies to your message template, a 24-hour conversation window opens up in which you can send as many messages to the users. All messages sent and received during a conversation window are free.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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