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Display Name Change

Want to change your Display Name that is shown to your contacts on your WhatsApp profile? You can do so by following the instructions given in this article.

The whole process involved two steps:

Adding your new display name and getting it approved
Updating this new name by re-registering phone number

How to add a new Display Name?

Follow the steps below to add your new phone number and get it approved:

Go to Phone Numbers page in your WhatsApp Manager. Make sure correct WhatsApp account is selected from right top.
Now click on the edit icon next to your current name.

That’ll open a popup like the following that you can use to add a new name:

After you submit this form, it’ll take approximately 24 – 48 hours for the WhatsApp team to review your name and either approve or reject it. They’ll send you a notification to inform you about this.
After your new Display Name gets approved, you cross check it by click on the View button under Certificate column. It’ll show both your current and new display name.

After you get your new Display Name approved, you need to switch to that name in your account.

Update your new Display Name by re-registering phone number

To update your new display name everywhere follow the steps shown below:

Click on the Settings icon in the last column:

On the next page that opens, click on the Two-step verification tab.
On this tab, click Enable and setup a PIN for 2-step verification by following the instructions on the screen.
After this is done, go to the WhatsApp Settings > Tools page on WANotifier and click on the Register button.
In the popup that opens, enter the PIN you setup earlier and click on Register.

That’s it. That’ll update your Display Name both on your WhatsApp account and on WANotifier.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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