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Green Tick Verification

Green tick gives your brand special resignation to your WhatsApp phone number by showing your Display Name along with a small green tick in front of it instead of showing only your phone number.

Following are the 3 requirements before you can get a green tick:

WhatsApp Cloud API setup completed with your own phone number.
Meta business account verified.
Display name approved

Once you have these things in place, you can apply for green tick verification directly on your WhatsApp Manager.

Note that green tick verification is only for brands that are a bit popular and have some form of media presence like brand mentioned on popular news and blog websites. If your brand is popular, then it is easy to get the green tick, but if it's not, then in most cases you'll not get the green tick.

How to apply for Green Tick Verification?

Open WhatsApp Manager WhatsApp Manager.
Click on your phone number from the list.
Then you'll see a section with title Official business account. Under that click on Submit Request button.
In the popup that opens fill in all the information. Make sure to add links to external, non-sponsored links from publications that have mentioned your brand.
Add any other details asked in the form.
Then click on the Submit button to submit the form for WhatsApp's review.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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