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How to Bulk Import Contacts using CSV File?

Want to import 100s or even 1000s of contacts at once? You can do that using our CSV import feature. In this article we’ll see how you can do that.

Follow the simple steps given below to bulk import your contacts:

Open the Contacts > Import Contacts page.
Now click here to open our sample import Google Sheets file. You can either:
Click on File > Make a copy to clone the sheet and start the copied sheet in Google Sheets , or
Click on File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv) to export the sheet as CSV file and edit it in Excel or any other tool that you use.
Fill in this sheet with your contact data. Do not change the column sequence or names in the sheet. Also do not delete any columns.
First Name - Fill in the first name of the contact.
Last Name - Fill in the last name of the contact.
WhatsApp Number - Add WhatsApp phone number with country codes but WITHOUT the plus + sign. E.g. if the number is +91-98765-43210, you should add 919876543210. Make sure to format this column as Text / Plain Text. See instructions on how to do that in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.
Status - The value for this column can either be subscribed or unsubscribed. Messages are sent to subscribed contacts and unsubscribed contacts are skipped during Notifications.
List Name - Fill in your Contact List name to group all your contacts together in a common list. You can add multiple lists separated by comma like Default, Website Leafs.
Tags - Fill in contact tags to tag your contacts. You can add multiple tag separated by comma like prospect, call done, follow up.
Attributes - All the columns that come after Tags column can be used to add custom attributes to your contact. Replace the columns named custom_attribute_1, custom_attribute_2, custom_attribute_3 etc with whatever attribute key you want like city, state, website_url and so on. You can add as many such custom attribute columns as you want. Just make sure that the column names are in small letters and use underscore (_) instead of spaces.
After your sheet is ready, export it as .csv file and select it in the Select CSV File field.
Now click on the Import button and that’ll start importing your contacts.

Note: File formats other than .csv (like .xls or .xlsx) are not supported.

You can also manually add your contacts or add them automatically from 3rd party websites and apps using our webhook feature.

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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