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How to Integrate WANotifier with Shopify?

Want to send order notifications to your customers from your Shopify website? You can integrate WANotifier with your Shopify website using webhook integration.

Note that if you're not familiar with webhooks, JSON or REST API requests you might need to take help from your developer.

Here's how you to the integration.

1. Create a Transactional Notification for sending API requests

You first need to create a Notification of type Transactional and choose the message template that you'd like to send. Check the article below and setup your Notification with Webhook Data Request Type as Custom.

How to Send Notifications Using API Requests?

Once you set this up and choose Custom option, you'll get a Webhook URL. You need to start listening to incoming request and do the next step.

2. Enable Webhooks on Shopfy

Then you need to go to your website and enable webhooks to send API requests to the Webhook URL.

Learn how to enable webhooks on your Shopify website here.

After enabling webhooks, you can send test notification in JSON format that will be listened by the Notification that you're setting up in earlier step. You can follow rest of the steps from that article to complete the setup.

Note: You'll need to create a separate Notification for each webhook.

Once the setup is done and you trigger the webhook requests from your Shopify site, that'll trigger the respective Notification on WANotifier and send WhatsApp notification to your customer.

We hope this helps. You might need your developer's help to do this setup if you're not not aware of setting up webhooks. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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