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How to Setup Product Catalog?

You can showcase your products to your customers on WhatsApp by enabling the Product Catalog feature and receive orders with the help of the Add to Cart feature. This articles shows you the exact steps on how to enable these features.

Note: This is a paid feature and is only available on paid subscription plans of WANotifier.

Here's how the product catalog will be shown to your customers:

Product catalog

Here's how the add to cart feature will be shown:

Add to Cart feature

Let's get started. Follow the steps below to do the complete setup:

Step 1 - Create a Catalog on the Commerce Manager

Open Commerce Manager. Make sure you have correct account selected from the left top.
Then click on the + Add Catalogue button to start creating a catalog.

Step 1 and 2
On the next page that opens, Select your catalog type and then click Next.

Now in the Configure settings step you will find two options:

Option 1 - Upload product infoOption 2 - Connect a partner platform
If you plan to manually add the items in Commerce Manager, select this option. In Catalog owner field, select your Business Manager account and in Catalog name field enter a custom name for your catalog.If you already host your products on external platform like Woocommerce, Shopify etc and want to fetch products from there, select this option. Then from the Partner platform field, select your platform.

We'll continue this tutorial assuming you selected Option 1 above. In case you selected Option 2, please follow the instructions on screen to do the integration.
Click on the Create button and then on the View Catalog button.
This will redirect you to the catalog page which will look like the following. Here click on Add items button.

There are 3 different ways to add items to your catalogue in Commerce Manager:

1. Manual: Using this method, you can add products manually, one by one. Click here to learn more.
2. Data feed: Select this method if you'd like to import products in bulk using a spreadsheet in CSV, XLS, XML format. You can even import products directly from Google Sheets. Click here to learn more.
3. Pixel: You can also import and update items automatically from your website using Facebook Pixel. This method is more complex and you may need help of your developer to set this up. Click here to learn more.

As all methods are different, we're not getting into the details of each of them. But the steps involved for importing products in self explanatory and you should be able to import the products without issues.

Important Note: If you have an Indian phone number, you need to comply with some extra India specific compliances for selling on WhatsApp using Catalogs

Once you’ve added the items to your Catalog, this is how it should looks like:

Step 2: Connect your Catalog to your WhatsApp Account

Go to Catalog page from WhatsApp Manager. If it asks to select a business account, make sure to select the correct account associated with your WhatsApp Business Account.
Click on the Choose a Catalog button.

Then from popup that opens, select the catalog you created earlier and click on Connect Catalog button.

This'll connect your catalog with your WhatsApp Business account.

Step 3: Grant Catalog Permissions

Depending upon how you've integrated your phone number with us, you need to follow one of these two:

Custom API Credentials

If you've setup your phone number using custom API credentials, you will need to enable catalog_management and business_management permission in your system user. To update this in your system user follow the Step 4 in this setup article.

-- OR --

Embedded Signup form

If you've setup your phone number using Embedded Signup Flow, please follow the steps below:

Go to Data Sources > Catalogs page in Meta Business Manager. If it asks you to select business account, select the correct one that you used to setup phone number earlier.
Select your Catalog you added to WhatsApp from the list on the right and choose the option Assign Partner.
In the popup that opens, choose to assign a partner by “Business ID”
In the partner Business ID enter the ID 341120497972076. This will connect your catalog with our app.
Provide the permission to Manage Catalog and then click Next.
Then click on Done to close the popup.

Step 4: Enable Product Catalog and Product Cart from WANotifier

Go to Product Catalog settings page.

Enable the Enable Product Catalog option to enable Catalog on WhatsApp.
Enable the Enable Add to Cart option, if you wish to add Add to Cart functionality and start getting orders on WhatsApp.

That's it. That'll complete the integration of Product Catalogs with WANotifier. Now you can create message templates with product items or send products directly from chat from the Inbox.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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