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What are Notifications?

Notifications are like campaigns that you create to send bulk marketing and transactional message templates to your contacts in WANotifier. You can create as many marketing and transactional Notifications as you want.

There are 2 types of notifications you can send:

Marketing Notifications

These are one-time bulk marketing notifications that you send multiple contacts at once. An example of this would be sending a promotional offer to your contact list of 1,000 contacts.

We provide you the option to send these marketing notifications immediately or schedule it for a future time.

Note that WhatsApp sets daily messaging limit for each WhatsApp business account on a rolling 24-hour period so you can only send notifications to your contacts within that daily limit.

Transactional Notifications

These are on-going action based notifications that are trigged when a specific action is performed on your website, app or and 3rd party tool. An example of this would be sending order confirmation notification to people who buy from your website.

We currently provide option to setup two different types of transactional notifications:

Trigger notifications from your WordPress website using our free WordPress plugin.
Trigger notifications using a webhook URL from any website, app or automation tools like Zapier, Pabbly etc. This feature is available only in our Startup and higher paid subscription plans.

In case of both Marketing and Transactional Notifications, you need to first create a message template and get it approved by WhatsApp. You can then use this template to setup the notification. Note that you can not send normal messages in a notification and you must create a message template for that purpose.

Notification Analytics

Each notification that you setup provides you with full analytics for the messages that are sent in that Notification including sent, delivered and read report for each message.

We also provide you the option to export this report.

I hope this article gives you some basic understanding of what Notifications are in WANotifier. You can now proceed to create marketing or transactional notification.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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