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Daily Messaging Limit

When using WhatsApp Cloud APIs, WhatsApp sets a daily maximum messaging limit in a rolling 24-hour period depending upon your phone number Status, phone number Quality Rating, and how often your business initiates conversations with unique customers.

Note: This limit is not set by us at WANotifier, it is set by WhatsApp for their official Cloud APIs. Your WANotifier subscription plan and the daily messaging limit are not related.

You can check your limit on the WANotifier Dashboard page here:

Before you complete the following two steps, WhatsApp sets a default limit of 250 messages per day.

Meta Business verification - You need to get your business verified first. It usually takes upto 1 business day to verify your business, if you upload all the legal documents correctly.
Display Name approval - You also need to get your display name approved. This takes a couple of days and WhatsApp requires you to keep sending messages in low volume for a few days before they approves your display name.

After both these steps are complete, WhatsApp automatically increases your limit to 1,000 messages per day. Then according to your usage, WhatsApp automatically keeps increasing your limit to 10,000, 1,00,000 and unlimited per day gradually. You can checkout how they calculate whether your limit should be increased on not by referring to this article.

For all new accounts we recommend our users to get these two aforementioned things sorted with priority so that they can start to send bulk messages to their customers without limitations.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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